• Improving the health of the world's women, men and children is core to our mission. Good health provides the foundation for community and economic development.

    Health is complex and multidimensional. We seek to understand what people need to be healthy and to generate the evidence needed to address their health challenges


  • Good nutrition is a cornerstone of well-being, particularly in the first 24 months of life. It provides a key foundation for maximizing human potential and national development.

    Go Organic Africa partners with countries, international organizations and funders to design strategies, policies, programs and systems that address nutrition emergencies and create sustainable change.

newborn and child health

  • Mothers, infants and children are dying unnecessarily every day in countries around the world. From decades of research, we know where these deaths occur, how they occur,
    and most importantly, what can be done to reduce them.

    Go Organic Africa, our approach addresses the full range of maternal and child health needs and challenges, from preconception through postpartum; from birth through childhood. We understand and work with the complex, interrelated factors that can enable a robust continuum of care for this population.

    Our multidisciplinary research continues to seek and apply new knowledge that can save lives and improve the health of mothers and children at risk of illness or death.

    Go Organic Africa’s research and programs demonstrate how interventions can be introduced or adapted to improve:

    •             Program effectiveness
    •             Accountability
    •             Adherence to guidelines
    •             Quality of care
    •             Health outcomes

    With Go Organic Africa experts and partners, we focus our efforts in three broad directions.